Princess Patch Girls Spa  is the first of its kind here in Jacksonville, Florida. We cater exclusively to young girls ages 3-13 to enjoy a pampered day of beauty.

Our Team is trained  in courtesy and politeness, treating all clients as royalty and princesses who are welcomed to enjoy being pampered in our lavish surroundings at their leisure. Princess Patch Girls Spa strive to deliver great customer service by treating every little girl as a Princess.


Amazing! This place is simply amazing. The ladies do a great job and are welcoming. My niece had her birthday party there and she is now on cloud 9 and cant wait to go back. I would recommend every little girl experience this.

- Sashanna Lindsay


Love it...Love it.... Love it!!!

The staff  is AWESOME!

The place is beautiful n its just right for little girls.

-Tiffanie McKenzy



My little princesses loved it! The décor is super cute, the staff was friendly and great at making the girls feel special! They cant wait to do it again!

-Michelle Waters


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